Essential Guide to Hiring a Car on Rent in Delhi

Our generation believes in living in the moment. And that is the reason, travel and tourism in India is at high. In addition increase in travel has also resulted in increasing demand for a car rental in Delhi.

Every time you search for booking a car on rent in Delhi, a lot of companies name will pop up. So how you will decide which company is best to hire a car on rent in Delhi? Well, being a pro in arena, Luxury on four wheels comes to help you.

Tips for Hiring a Car on Rent in Delhi:

Here, Luxury on four wheels brings you a few tips to keep in mind while booking or hiring a car on rent in Delhi.

Per day charges v/s per km charges:

There are companies that charge for renting a car on per day basis while there are other companies that charge per kilometer. You should check your need and make a gross calculation to find out which sort of renting a car charges suits you the best.

Reputation of company:

Spend some time on doing some background research on renting car companies and reading reviews about company services before hiring a car on rent from them. This way, you can select the best car on rent company in Delhi.

One way trip or return trip:

Do you want a car on rent for one way travel or do you want to keep the car until you come back home? This is one of the most important and deciding factors before hiring a car on rent in Delhi. Usually, there are some vendors that will charge you for return trip even when you are traveling one way. Thus it is important to do some research and find companies like luxury on four wheels that only charge for total distance traveled by you.

Hidden charges:

It is important that you clear out all sort of charges with car renting company before hiring a car on rent- such as toll taxes, state taxes, night charges etc. many cars renting companies claim the price they quote as all- inclusive to surprise you with an inflated bill at the time of payment. Transparency is the most important factor to consider while hiring a car on rent in Delhi.

Refund policy:

There are always chances that your trip may get cancel at the last moment due to some factors that beyond your control. Therefore it is important to check the refund policy of the company with respect to the money you are paying for hiring a car on rent in Delhi.

So these are the 5 pro tips that everyone should consider before hiring a car on rent in Delhi. Luxury on four wheels is a reputed car renting company in Delhi for any occasion at affordable prices. Book one Today!